NAILBA is proud to offer professional development webinars for member agencies (all staff) in a Live Recording format (PPT presentations with speaker audio), suitable for listening in your office, on your tablet, or even on your phone! These live recordings capture the entire workshop, presented by the expert speaker on-site, with an audience of your brokerage industry colleagues participating. Now you can listen to these timely and informative sessions on-demand, when you want them, where you want them!

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  • You & #MeToo, Best Practices for Agency Management on Preventing Claims & Avoiding Legal Liability
    Speaker: Edward Easterly, Esq.

    As we are sure you are all aware, the issue of harassment in the workplace has dominated the headlines for the past two months. It seems like every day a new story is published with respect to allegations of workplace harassment. #Metoo has become a social media and cultural phenomenon. Every day, more and more employees are coming forward to share their stories to draw attention to the issue of workplace harassment. According to the EEOC, the number of harassment inquiries that it has received in the past two months has more than doubled the year-to-date total. We do not expect this trend to change any time soon. In light of the constant media focus on workplace harassment, it is critical that you take the steps necessary to protect your business from potential liability.

    This NAILBA Webinar is designed to help employers get a basic understanding of what constitutes harassment (hint: it’s not just sexual harassment!), how to prevent claims, how to investigate and handle claims if and when they arise, and how to avoid legal liability. We will discuss the difference between harassment and merely an unhappy workplace, what constitutes an effective harassment policy, and how to implement prompt measures to remediate harassment. We will also address frequent mistakes employers make when handling claims of harassment, which include issues of retaliation.

  • The Qualified Business Income Deduction Webinar
    Speaker: Milan Slack, Esq.

    The new the "Qualified Business Income" deduction presents many businesses with a great tax break. In 2018, most individuals (estates and trusts too) may deduct up to 20% of certain domestic qualified business income from limited liability companies, partnerships, S corporations, and sole proprietorships. The deduction may be limited by the business' Form W-2 wages and the taxpayer's taxable income. The deduction may also not apply to income from certain service trades or businesses. This NAILBA webinar will help demystify the recent changes and give participants a clear understanding of how to move forward.

  • Adapt or Die: Surviving in a Post DOL Environment
    Speaker: Joe Jordan

    We’ve never been more needed and less trusted. There is a negative global perception of our business, as evidenced by recent regulatory actions that are making it increasingly difficult for us to practice our profession. Coupled with the rise in technology and robo-advisors, some are now questioning the viability of our industry. Listen to Joe Jordan to learn how to thrive in this hostile environment. He shares why a transformational culture change is necessary to refocus our business purpose around making sure the money outlives the people and providing independence and dignity to an aging population. Joe will give you real life advice on how to: 1) to increase per rep productivity 2) sell the right mix of business based on clients’ needs and 3) to build a culture based on value not price.

  • Filling the Life Insurance Coverage Gap by Changing the Underwriting Paradigm
    Sharon Jenkins - Legal & General America
    Neal Halder - Principal Financial Group
    Helena M. Roberts - Lincoln Financial Group
    Moderator: Gonzalo Garcia - AgencyOne

    The latest LIMRA studies show that ownership of individual life insurance is at a 50 year historical low with only 36% of US adults owning individual coverage, down from 59% in 1960. One could argue that the burdensome and often invasive application and underwriting process could be part of the problem. With advances in technology and availability of information, carriers and other providers are seeking to reverse this trend by changing the customer experience in life insurance underwriting. This workshop panel includes a lively discussion on the pros and cons of accelerated underwriting.

  • The Future of Work, Skills and Leadership in a Digital World
    Speaker: Dr. Tracey Wilen - Thought leadership

    Rapid changes in society and technology have changed the workforce and employment. Today there are new pressures on workers to change the way they prepare and plan for modern day careers. These changes also require employers to create work environments that ensure a qualified workforce. This workshop focuses on 10 trends that impact jobs, 10 new skills that are needed today to remain relevant, and how to manage your career in a digital world.

  • How to Reach Today’s Agent: Marketing Tech
    Speaker: Justin Blasé - Insurance Forums

    Insurance professionals are bombarded with hundreds of offers and marketing messages every day, the majority of which go completely unnoticed or ignored. As marketing technology continues to rapidly innovate and online agent behavior continues to shift and evolve, there are huge opportunities to effectively reach agents in ways that have never been achievable in the past. This presentation is focused on helping industry professionals make sense of all of the noise and buzzwords in today’s digital marketing ecosystem, and to explain how these technologies can be used to reach insurance agents more efficiently than ever before.

  • How to Motivate, Reward and Retain Producers, including Millennials
    Speaker: Michelle DeClerk, CMP - Conference Event Management

    In this highly competitive market place you need to be strategic to stay top of mind with your independent agents by offering reward strategies that retain the best producers and keep the competition’s persuasive marketing reps at bay. This workshop will share various top strategies on motivating, rewarding and retaining producers with your organization, including a Q & A Millennial segment that addresses hiring challenges.

  • Demonstrate Leadership with Strategic, Effective Succession Planning
    Speaker: Melinda Meyer - Aspen Strategies, Inc.

    Succession Planning needs to be considered at every stage of your business's development. This workshop provides tools to help you: 
    • Learn the vital difference between Replacement Planning and Succession Planning
    • Learn the structure options 
    • View succession planning in terms of the business opportunity it represents 
    • Gain a superior understanding of the purpose and value of systematic succession planning
    • Become empowered to uniquely lead this change
    • Identify key action steps for a proper process for Succession Planning
    • And, facilitate results that can make your enterprise reach its full potential.