Nationwide’s Deliberate Emergence into Third Party Distribution
Featuring Colleen Horner, VP of National Accounts for Nationwide

Colleen Horner, VP of National Accounts for Nationwide, recently sat down with NAILBA CEO Dan LaBert to discuss the company’s multi-year, robust plan of emergence into third party distribution in the latest episode of the NAILBA ID Video Channel. Horner explains what’s new for 2020, including what Nationwide is focusing on as it pertains to the fastest growing  piece of the industry space, the digital space, and long term care plans like CareMatters. In this exclusive ID Network interview, Horner also talks about community investment efforts, its major philanthropic footprint on Nationwide Children’s Hospital, plus the value of membership she finds in NAILBA and why Nationwide continues to come back year after year as a proud sponsor of the NAILBA Annual Meeting.

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