Featured Video: The Value Prop of an Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO)
Bill Shelow, President & CEO of LIBRA Insurance Partners discusses the recent merger of Lifemark Partners and BRAMCO Financial Resources and the value it offers within the brokerage business and life insurance distribution industry.






How to Manage as an Independent Distribution Small Business Owner
Featuring John Gilbert, President of The National Benefit Corp. 

 John Gilbert

Importance of Independent Distribution 
Featuring Kevin Brayton, EVP of Life Distribution and Sales, Prudential

Kevin Brayton

2020 Challenges (Pricing Pressure)
Featuring Malcolm Sklar, Area President with GBS Insurance and Financial Services

Malclom Sklar

Growing Together as an Industry (Teamwork Success)
Featuring Mark Holweger, CEO of Legal & General America 

Mark Holweger


ID Media Network Discussion
Featuring NAILBA CEO Dan LaBert 

Dan LaBert

ID Video Channel Introduction
Featuring ID Network Host Katie Fehlinger

Katie Fehlinger

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  • LIBRA Annual Partners Meeting, March 1-4, 2020, Miami, FL
  • TMA Annual Partners Meeting, March 8-11, 2020, New Orleans, LA

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