NAILBA and Finseca Announce Merger to Create: NAILBA, a Finseca Community

WASHINGTON, D.C. (May 20, 2022) -  Per the overwhelming support of the NAILBA members, Finseca and NAILBA have officially voted to merge and create: NAILBA, a Finseca Community. On January 4, 2022, Finseca and NAILBA announced an intent to explore a merger after significant due diligence conducted by a joint task force that included NAILBA and Finseca members, staff, and leadership.

"We are thrilled to be making this announcement today," said Dan LaBert, CEO of NAILBA. "Our profession needs a stronger collective voice. We have served the brokerage distribution community exceptionally well, and while we are proud of what we've accomplished, we welcome the opportunity to build on that for our members and the entire profession. We are excited to be joining forces with Finseca to further advance the mission of financial security for all.”

"Finseca was created to reunify the profession to more effectively serve the profession," said Marc Cadin, CEO of Finseca. "Integrating NAILBA, the unquestioned leader of the independent brokerage market, into Finseca will give us greater scale, greater unity of purpose and messaging, and it will help us better serve both the brokerage community and the broader profession."

More Information: NAILBA Finseca Merger FAQ

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The National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies, better known across the insurance industry as NAILBA, is the trade association representing independent brokers and brokerage general agencies (BGA's) committed to providing American consumers with various financial and retirement security products such as life and health insurance, annuities, and other supplemental benefits. NAILBA advocates on behalf of more than 300 independent brokers and brokerage general agencies (approx. 10,000 members) who produce over $4 billion in annualized premiums. For nearly 40 years, NAILBA's Annual Meeting is known across the insurance and financial services industry as the place where independent brokers and brokerage general agencies gather with C-suite executives and professionals from the nation's leading insurance carriers, financial institutions, and supporting technical and services companies to discuss, learn, network, and strengthen America's wholesale brokerage distribution network.