NAILBA 38 Professional Development Workshops

Friday, November 8, 2019
All Workshops will be recorded via Playback NAILBA & e-delivered to ALL NAILBA 38 Attendees.

2:45 PM - 3:30 PM Workshops

  • Understanding and Working with RIAs

    Many RIAs would like to elevate their client experience with insurance services to complete their planning model. The challenge is not diverting their core focus, or their particular business model does not allow for product compensation. This intensive workshop helps BGAs understand the inner workings of fee-based and fee-only RIAs and advisors.You will understand how the different RIA business models operate and what is needed from insurance firms to serve clients. The real benefit is adapting your model to better align with the needs of wealth advisors and being a consultative partner to open new business opportunities.

    Advantus Marketing 
    Presented by: Tiffany Markarian, Marketing Strategist 
    Bio: Tiffany has been helping wealth advisors and insurance professionals advance their business momentum since 1995. She is a frequent author for industry journals and has spoken at numerous industry conferences, including FPA, FSP, NAILBA, GAMA, LifeMark Partners, NAIFA, and regional broker/dealers. 
    Location: Ft. Worth 1

  • The New Standard for BGA Success & Survival – “Single Entry Case Design” & “Story Selling” - A Prescriptive Approach for Evolving Permanent Life Insurance Sales
    As digital expectations increase and new FA distribution channels grow, BGA’s must continue to evolve their operational transformation to better serve producers and Financial Advisor clients with software solutions that transform POS sales experience for consumers. With print being the marketing dinosaur to digital transformation, faster turnaround and more enhanced illustration services are critical. To completely close more business, join us to learn how to move from life “product promotion” to “story selling.”  Hear how to insert a human angle into your sales process, demonstrating why life products matter in what has traditionally been a dry, complex and sometimes scary transaction.

    Ensight by Assurance 
    Presented by: Matt Essick, Chief Marketing Officer and Sharon Kern, Vice President of Sales
    Bio: Matt Essick, Chief Marketing Officer, Assurance
    With over 20 years permanent life insurance domestically and abroad, Matt currently oversees all Assurance product marketing strategies and is focused on understanding Assurance clients’ strategic initiatives and how to best amplify them through the Ensight eco system.

    Sharon Kern, Vice President, Sales, Assurance
    With over 25 years in the insure tech/fintech space, Sharon oversees the sales and account management lifecycle for all Assurance enterprise and retail clients, including new business, account management of enterprise clients and customer success.
    Location: Ft. Worth 3
  • 21st Century Marketing to Wildly Grow Your Business
    Expanding your business and marketing opportunities requires you to engage different types of advisors that reflect the society around you. The first step in broadening your reach is learning how to engage untapped and emerging demographics. This highly informative session will give you the first steps in engaging more women advisors and the emerging millennial and NextGen advisor markets. You will learn what they want from an insurance partner and the different marketing approaches to build deeper, more significant business relationships. The real benefit is dialing in on more diverse marketing strategies to expand your opportunities and value promise.

    Global Diversity Marketing 
    Presented by: Mark Hug
    Bio: Mark Hug is a recognized business leader who has shaped the life insurance industry over the last three decades. Throughout his distinguished career he held senior leadership positions in global fortune companies. and was recognized by Forbes as one of the 50 most influential global Chief Marketing Officers of 2014.
    Location: Ft. Worth 4
  • Protect your Clients’ Assets While Growing Your Customer Base
    When creating a retirement strategy for your clients, potential health care costs could be one of their largest expenses. A Home Health Care policy can help protect your clients’ assets while providing an affordable solution to receive care in the privacy of their own home.  Your clients should have options when it comes to managing the risks of health care costs during retirement.  Find out how adding a Home Health Care plan to your portfolio of products is a good fit for you and your clients.

    Kemper Senior Solutions 
    Presented by: Jack D. Broughton, Senior Vice President 

    Bio: For over 30 years, Jack has held senior officer and executive insurance positions, joining Kemper Health in 2014, building and strengthening the senior line of business through national brokerage channels.  Having owned an Independent Marketing Organization, Jack specializes in helping agencies grow their business.
    Location: Ft. Worth 2

  • A Guide to Life Settlements: Hidden Value in Life Insurance
    The life settlement industry is experiencing exponential growth. Learn how life settlements work, what commissions agencies and agents can receive and how to talk to clients about selling their life insurance policy. Walk away with tools to evaluate your book of business. 

    Magna Life Settlements
    Presented by: Jim Purdy, Director

    Bio: Magna Life Settlements Director Jim Purdy is growing and educating a network of agents about the financial innovation of life settlements. Jim has more than 15 years of sales experience that includes all aspects of the insurance industry.
    Location: Grapevine 1

  • Risk Appraisal Forum

    The Risk Appraisal Forum proudly presents the 2020 Underwriting Forecast for the industry. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover what’s on the horizon when you listen to the open panel discussion by some of the top minds in underwriting. Be the first to learn about cutting edge improvements for evaluating the most common medical impairments you run across on a daily basis. Take advantage of this chance to ask you questions of the experts in the field!

    Presented by: 

    Dr. Bruce Margolis, AVP, Medical Director at Pacific Life
    Kelly Stone, VP Underwriting Operations at Protective Life Insurance Company
    Jordan Carreira, VP & Chief Underwriter, Lincoln Financial Group
    John Valickus, VP & Chief Underwriter, Symetra
    Location: Grapevine 3   

3:45 PM - 4:30 PM Workshops

  • 5 Secret Traps of Commission Process That Can Undermine Your Growth

    In the past 18 years studying commission processes and working directly with CEOs, COOs, and commission teams of insurance agencies, BGAs and IMOs, we noticed that growth-focused agencies, like your own, always get caught into one of the traps surrounding the commission process. This process, while seemingly simple and straightforward, is invariably very complicated. Any of these traps will cause a bottleneck, slow down and restrict growth, making you miss out on profitable opportunities. In this workshop, we will cover 5 traps, and share with you the secret formula that  guarantees to maximize profitability and achieve unprecedented commission speed and precision.

    GreenWave Commissions
    Presented by: Slava Isayev, CEO and Founder 
    Bio: CEO and founder of GreenWave Commissions – provider of software and services that “inspire and encourage our clients’ growth through application of innovative technology and exceptional service.” Slava has over 31 years as a software developer and entrepreneur in the market.
    Location: Grapevine 1

  • Labor and Employment Laws
    As 2019 draws to a close, BGAs need to be prepared for the next wave of federal, state and local employment laws and regulations. This highly informative workshop will help keep you and your firm in compliance with the ever-growing list of labor and employment laws and considerations your business must follow. You will further learn how to navigate employee relations in a social media environment and institute protective harassment policies within your firm in the #METOO world. It is more critical than ever that you are armed with information to help protect your firm, and yourself, from potential liability. 

    Hoffman Hlavac & Easterly, Attorneys at Law
    Presented by: Edward Easterly, Esq. 
    Bio: Ed is a founding member of Hoffman Hlavac & Easterly.  He represents clients on federal, state, and local labor and employment laws. Ed advises clients on a range of labor and employment matters including the enforceability of employment agreements, and discrimination and harassment issues.
    Location: Fort Worth 3

  • The Ugly, Bad & Good of the Life Combo Market - Structural Differences Facing the Key Driver of the Life Insurance Industry
    Are traditional or combo long-term care insurance solutions serving consumers’ needs? When will the promise of privately-owned coverage make a significant contribution to the looming financial crisis facing our society? Understand the latest trends and get the most recent insights on this crucial topic when nationally recognized extended care authorities Ron, Vince & Barry team-up to discuss the evolving world of long-term care and chronic illness insurance coverages. Discover how distribution can grapple with the training, sales and fiduciary challenges inherent in the current life combo market and ready itself for the inevitable changes to come?

    Presented by:
    Ronald R. Hagelman, Jr., ICE FLOE Consulting, LLC 
    Barry J. Fisher, ICE FLOE Consulting, LLC 
    Vincent Bodnar, Oliver Wyman 

    Bio: With decades of expertise in the life and long-term care insurance industry, Ron and Barry provide product development, distribution & training strategies to deliver meaningful approaches for coping with the extended care risk.  Vince is recognized as one of the leading long-term care insurance experts in the country, having worked with such products since the 1980s. Vince was recently named one of the “20 Most Creative People in Insurance” by ThinkAdvisor.
    Location: Ft. Worth 4

  • Life Settlements – Breaking New Ground to Expand the Market
    Life settlements help the financial lives of seniors by generating resources from the sale of life policies that are likely to lapse or surrender – money that can fund retirement investments, and pay for costs of living, healthcare and long-term care.  Learn about how life settlements are a solid fit with the new laws and rules establishing suitability and best interest standards that have been advancing at the federal and state levels. Also, discover programs that allow BGAs to integrate life settlements into their own and their producers’ practices with fast and easy life policy appraisals and purchase programs for qualified seniors with policies as low as $100,000.  

    Lighthouse Life 
    Presented by:
    Michael Coben,  Founder and Chief Distribution and Business Development Officer 
    Anne Long,  Senior Vice President, Business Development 

    Bio: Founder and Chief Distribution and Business Development Officer of Lighthouse Solutions, LLC, Michael leads the company’s distribution and strategic alliances to increase awareness and access to life settlements for life insurance policyowners. With over 35 years in the industry, Michael is a respected industry expert, holding FINRA Series licenses 7,24, and 63.

    Anne is Senior Vice President, Business Development of Lighthouse Solutions, LLC. With over 35 years as an insurance executive and strategy consultant, Anne’s expertise is in design and implementation of revenue growth strategies for clients. Regular speaker at industry events, she was past Board Trustee of The American College of Financial Services.
    Location: Ft. Worth 2

  • Leadership Advantage: Winning in a World of Relentless Change
    The fastest way to grow, stay relevant and outperform your competition is having your team embrace industry change and deliver elevated client experiences. This requires first and second-line leaders who bring out the best in their team. It is creating a culture that rewards collaboration, aligned actions and adaptation. The formula is simple: Confirm your firm’s vision, build alignment, close skill gaps and champion execution. In this intensive workshop, you will identify behaviors that challenge change and specifics steps that require your attention. The benefit is creating a plan that leads your team through change and achieves your value proposition.

    McCauley & Company 
    Presented by: Kelli McCauley, Leadership Consultant 

    Bio: Kelli is a highly acclaimed leadership consultant, executive coach, facilitator and speaker, who works with high potential leaders to optimize performance.  An expert in improving leadership effectiveness and bottom-line performance, Kelli works with industry leaders, executives, sales management teams and key stakeholders.
    Location: Ft. Worth 1

  • Do You Really Know How Agents Are Framing Your Products?
    The Ebix team has analyzed over 16 million WinFlex illustrations to understand when and why products aren’t achieving their market potential. Join Bryan Eshelbrenner for an introduction to WinFlex Insights, a new platform bringing transparency to case design and presales activity with behavioral data that goes way beyond benchmarking. Learn how Insights transforms product design, marketing, and distribution to help your business stay ahead of the curve. From identifying key competitors in actual comparisons to forecasting premium revenue and commission costs to discovering growing and underserved market niches, Ebix is taking the guesswork out of independent distribution.

    Presented by: Bryan Eshelbrenner 
    Bio: Bryan Eshelbrenner is director of product management for Ebix's SmartOffice platform. He has more than 16 years of experience in the financial technology sector, overseeing software design, development, quality control, sales, and marketing.
    Location: Grapevine 3