Marketing Success: Differentiate Yourself in Messaging and Methods

It seems like there are innumerable communication methods to reach potential clients, but few ways to stand out. As a new advisor looking to be recognized in a niche market – the Indian community – I learned the key to breaking through the noise is consistent messaging that can be adapted as the communication world evolves. To set yourself up for marketing success no matter what the next best tool may be, understand and communicate your points of differentiation to your target audience. 

Know your audience
Knowing the niche market I wanted to pursue at the outset of launching my business gave me a leg up in attracting potential clients. Driving the positioning of my business by communicating in a way that resonated with my niche market was an effective approach that informed my efforts moving forward. I tailored every message to the audience and remained consistent. With mixed messages, you can lose leads who may not be able to interpret whether your services are the right fit for them or someone else.  If you are unsure of your niche, ask yourself what attributes your top five clients share to find a common thread, then gain an understanding of what and how they want to hear from you.

Choose your channel
Print newspapers used to be the most effective vehicle to reach consumers and one I used frequently early in my career. I approached a weekly newspaper to secure an opportunity where I could share my thought leadership as a reporter. As the first and only personal finance editor, I established my credibility and elevated my expert insights in a weekly column. People began to recognize me from my photo in the paper, and I started to build up prospects through this awareness.

I also found success with print newspaper sponsorship opportunities to further build my profile and credibility, like co-sponsoring a magazine. Soon, I was getting tapped for contributed content and interviews, including as a commentator and expert in the mainstream media. Overall, my marketing approach was successful because I understood the sources that my target audience engaged with and effectively used the print and broadcast media channels to separate my expertise from the average advisor.

Stay current
While I found success in such marketing methods in the past, I knew I needed to evolve as modern methods became available. I now obtain leads through social media by positioning myself as a financial expert on various platforms – even those that are not directly related to finance. For instance, I am a member of a broad topic Facebook group. Whenever anyone asks a financial planning question, I differentiate myself from the other respondents, who simply provide a name and number, and take the time to write out a response that is educational to a wider audience and promotes my expertise. By highlighting my experience and the accolades I have received, while keeping the response broad for the whole group’s benefit, I am able to differentiate my services and pick up new leads on a consistent basis.

You could be the most knowledgeable advisor for your target market, but without optimized marketing, you may never reach your future clients. Remember, your messaging is equally as important as your method to become the advisor of choice with your target market. If you can differentiate your offerings in the eyes of prospects and clients, you’ll quickly see the payoffs of investing in marketing and adapting to new trends.

About the Author|
Bhupinder Anand is CEO of Anand Financial Architecture, based in Central London. He has twice been awarded IFA of the Year and rated Best IFA in the Capital. Bhupinder is a Qualifying and Life member of MDRT, has qualified for MDRT the last 23 years and is an MDRT 18-year Top of the Table member. A renowned international speaker, he runs a popular coaching program, Advisor Master Class and is author of ‘Smashing the Glass Ceiling – Breaking Through Your Personal Barriers to Success.’ He can be contacted at [email protected].