Is the Sky Really Falling?

Oh no, are you thinking the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is going to ruin your practice? Are you not seeing clients because they could be infected?

Is it time to feel like the sky is falling, or time to be proactive in your approach?

Recently, I was told a story of a chiropractor and the virus. He showed a patient a bottle of disinfectant. It was several years old. The label stated that it was a good disinfectant for Coronavirus. There's nothing new about viruses like the Coronavirus. A cold is a Coronavirus. This is the hype of the media. They are selling huge amounts of advertising. Here's the bug you should really be afraid of; the fear bug.

Fear Bug
Remember the bedbug panic? It was horrible. Billions of bedbugs were invading the planet. Hotels were hit hard. Airlines suffered. Resorts were hit. The media is complicit with irresponsible reporting. They sure are selling advertising. When this runs its course, COVID-19 will just be another bug.

I am not suggesting this virus is not real. Be sensitive to the situation, but don't be stupid. Show you care by keeping your clients informed through your own marketing. Marketing is a very powerful tool to expand your practice. With everyone else being scared, take advantage of the fear mongering. Market your practice by direct mail, social media, seminars, newsletters, and phone calls. Go to events where people who are not panicking are going.

Opportune Time for Sales
Stock market panic is a very productive time for annuity sales. Bug panic is great for asset based long-term care sales. The Washington nursing home where many people were infected didn’t know what to do to treat patients. Medicare sales should be leaping with upgrades. Supplements instead of Advantage plans should be a high priority because of utilization.

Market more, not less. Pass your passive competition. They're vulnerable. This is a time to stay up on the news, keep your clients informed and not let this bug define you.

Kim Magdalein

Kim Magdalein is an advisor with 30 years of speaking and writing experience about prospecting and marketing in the industry. Co-founder of Seminars for Less nearly 20 years ago, he is a leader in seminar marketing, assisting financial advisors and insurance agents. Contact Kim at