ID Trends Annual Resource

ID trends 2021 Special EditionWe at NAILBA recognize your busy schedule and the need to stay focused on your business and the support of your clients. Our mission is to support you and the industry with targeted information through membership benefits and industry publications like Perspectives magazine and our digital newsletters – NAILBA Now and The Independent.

To further our mission, we have launched an annual resource that exams the independent distribution (ID) trends in the insurance and financial services markets – ID Trends. We have compiled the research and articles within ID Trends to provide insights, education, and fodder for your business on such topics as life insurance, long-term care, disability insurance, annuities, as well as back office support and commission reporting.

This year, we are increasing the frequency to twice a year, with one edition in the summer and one ID Trends at NAILBA’s Annual Meeting. We hope our attendees will find this content useful as a catalyst for conversation and supportive documentation for the educational sessions and workshops at NAILBA 40. For those reading digitally, please take note of the links throughout the publication which provide more details for deeper dives into topics.

NAILBA is where the independent distribution market gets down to business. We hope ID Trends provides the facts and ideas you need to further your business. If this bi-annual resource can reduce some of your non-selling time, we have succeeded.


ID trends 2021 Special Edition



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