The Douglas Mooers Award for Excellence

2021 Douglas Mooers Award for Excellence Recipient

The Douglas Mooers Award for Excellence is the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies’ most coveted and prestigious award. Named after NAILBA’s Founding Chairman, H. Douglas Mooers, the Mooers Award was established in May of 1986. This annual award honors excellence in brokerage and is bestowed upon the individual most committed to furthering brokerage and independent life brokerage as a distribution system.

Nominees may include present or former NAILBA member principals, exhibitor company executives, members of NAILBA peer groups or other insurance industry groups, and concerned members of the insurance press. Nominees are dedicated insurance professionals with superior career accomplishments as well as outstanding records of service to the community. Mooers Award recipients are this country’s peer-recognized leaders of brokerage.

About H. Douglas Mooers

Named after his father, H. Douglas Mooers entered his father’s business, H.D. Mooers and Company, in 1956. Prior to that, Doug was an officer on active duty in the United States Navy Reserve and was educated at the University of California at Berkeley where he graduated with a degree in Business Administration in 1952. Doug took H.D. Mooers and Company into the impaired risk life brokerage business representing Security Benefit Life in 1958, long before special risk opportunities were commonly available. In the early 1960s, he led H.D. Mooers and Company further into modern brokerage. His agency continues to have many long-standing and valuable relationships with major brokerage insurers in the United States.

A recognized leader in the life insurance community, Doug Mooers’ skills were recruited by the Oakland-East Bay Life Underwriters Association, of which he was president, the California Association of Life Underwriters, his local Chapter of CLU, ChFC and the General Agents and Managers Association. He was a founding member of SUB Centers and the Society of Underwriting Brokers, one of the industry’s leading study/ marketing groups. Doug was the Chairman of the Organizing Committee that led to the creation of NAILBA, and was the first Chairman of the National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies in 1982. After retiring from active leadership at H.D. Mooers and Company, Doug served as president of the World Affairs Council and was active in the Monterey Institute of International Studies. The brokerage industry mourned his passing in February 2006.

Past Recipients

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  • 2021 Barbara Crowley
  • 2020 Chip Milner
  • 2019 Cindy Gentry
  • 2018 Michael Tessler
  • 2017 John Deremo
  • 2016 Peter Holden
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  • 2012 Ron Verzone
  • 2011 Col J. William Felton III
  • 2010 Leslie “Les” Grubin
  • 2009 David S. Lenaburg
  • 2008 George C. Van Dusen III
  • 2007 Len Reynolds
  • 2006 Gene Wraith
  • 2005 Edward Murra
  • 2004 Bernard M. “Bud” Kirke
  • 2003 Donald W. “Butch” Britton
  • 2002 Irv Shaw
  • 2001 Patricia Joline
  • 2000 James Toner
  • 1999 Charles D. Rumbarger
  • 1998 David B. Lea, Jr.
  • 1997 Ronald V. Dolan
  • 1996 Ronald Hagelman, Sr.
  • 1995 E.R. “Gene” Mitchell
  • 1994 Burnett A. Halstead
  • 1993 Mende M. Lerner
  • 1992 John A. Solomon
  • 1991 Michael M. Flynn
  • 1990 Dr. Frederick R. Stearns
  • 1989 William S. Howard
  • 1988 George T. Stewart
  • 1987 Bernard J. Kaplan
  • 1986 Seixas G. Milner

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