Chairman’s Award

The Chairman's Award, created in 2009, was developed to recognize the efforts of a NAILBA volunteer who has
performed “over and above” normal expectations during the Chairman’s term.

Award Recipients

2021: Tori Van Dusen Roos
2020: Tiffany Markarian
2019: James Wong
Brittany Cross
2017: John Gilbert
2016: Ken Leibow
2015: Chuck Anderson
2014: Steve Katz
2013: Steve Howard
2012: Jeff Mooers
2011: Melinda Meyer
2010: Leon Huffman
2009: Page Broadwater


Award Presentations


Award Information:

  • Frequency: Annual (or at Chairman’s discretion; no more than annually)
  • Presentation: Given during the Opening General Session at the NAILBA Annual Meeting
  • Selection Process: Selection will be solely at the Chairman’s discretion.  S/He may enlist counsel if desired.  Nominations will not be solicited, but suggestions may be provided to Chairman by any NAILBA member at any time throughout year.
  • Who is Eligible: Any NAILBA member, partner organization, vendor, or affiliated organization. Individuals, a small group of individuals, or an organization are eligible.
  • Who is NOT eligible: Past Chairmen of NAILBA, current members of the Board of Directors


  • Outstanding service or efforts on behalf of NAILBA within the chairman’s term
  • Efforts and service over and above normal expectations within the chairman’s term
  • Outstanding leadership of a NAILBA initiative or project within the chairman’s term
  • Significant contributions to NAILBA in the areas of technology, education, communications, or marketing within the chairman’s term