NAILBA is the voice of independent distribution - and we take that seriously.

Independent distribution covers a wide range of products, services and   people. There’s a lot of information to keep on top of, and a lot to consume. Brokerage in Motion streamlines it all in an easily digestible, online format. We’ll bring you what you need to know, talk to the key voices moving the needle, and tell the impactful stories of people being helped by our profession. There’s never been a production like this in the industry. We think it’s about time.

Every three weeks, NAILBA will release a new episode of Brokerage in  Motion via NAILBA's ID Network. NAILBA is pleased to share the  Brokerage in Motion program with our entire network of over 400,000  insurance professionals. 

Interested in participating as a featured story, or would you like to advertise in Brokerage in Motion? Contact Pam Sheehan, Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships & Media Initiatives.