Brand Yourself — 3 Ways to Dazzle Among a Million Stars

When it comes to the insurance world, agents are a dime a dozen. For independent agents who are competing with known insurance brands, you may ask yourself: Why me? Why would a client choose me when they could go with a direct agent instead?

Because there’s no one else out there like YOU. This is why you brand YOURSELF.

As the CEO of an Independent Marketing Organization, I learned quickly that it wasn’t going to be enough to just “dive in” to the sea of entrepreneurs. When you’re swimming with the big guys, you either keep up or drown. And no one is going to notice if you get lost. The insurance industry can be brutal, but if you focus on branding yourself, learning your products and keeping up with the current trends in the market, you will win.

Throughout my years of experience, I have found the following three methods of branding to be an enormous help to beginners and veterans alike.

Number One: Know Yourself

That may sound trite, but do you really know yourself? What makes you valuable? Is it your ability to communicate? Your charming sense of humor? Your jaw-dropping gorgeous looks? Your clever comebacks? Your buoyant personality? Your years of experience? Your education? Out with it! And if you’re drawing a blank, ask a few people you trust to provide some insightful feedback about yourself. Focus on the positives. No dwelling on all your shortcomings or hang-ups here. Because when it comes to branding yourself, you are going to use every bit of those qualities you’ve learned about yourself and put them in the spotlight.

Stop for a moment and think about your background. I’ll use myself as an example. I have a business and education degree. I was a pre-k teacher for three years. I worked for a major hospital system in New York for four years as a regional front office assistant. I am a published author of a fiction novel, poetry, articles, and a ghost writer for web designers and novelists. I have been a violinist since I was eight years old and am a recorded vocalist. I am the CEO of a nationwide IMO and have been licensed in life and health lines for six years.

Do I have a brand? You bet I do!

I have drawn from every part of my development, sifted the good from the bad, and used all of it to define who I am today. I can relate to a multitude of different people because I first learned to understand who I am and what I have to offer. That comes from self-awareness. Be aware of who you are. Even if you are young or just starting out in the insurance industry, find something you can offer people and watch your success soar.

Rachel MarieRachel Marie
CEO of Earp Enterprises Inc