BGA Contracts Manual

The typical NAILBA member enters into Broker General Agent (BGA) contracts with multiple carriers. The terms of these contracts differ significantly regarding the levels of liability imposed on the BGA. In the past few years, increased scrutiny in the financial services industry in general, as well as an increasing number of regulatory challenges has seen the standard language in the BGA/Carrier contract shift more of the responsibility on the BGA to be compliant, and be responsible for the compliance of their agents.

NAILBA, along with NAILBA legal counsel, have created this manual to bring this contractual language to light, and educate BGAs to make responsible choices when negotiating these contracts. This manual will describe some of these differences in order to assist the BGA in making an independent decision as to what level of risk is acceptable to his or her company.

NAILBA BGA Contracts Manual Table of Contents

  • Chapter I: Introduction
  • Chapter II: Compliance with Federal Laws, Regulations and the Carrier’s Own Book of Rules
  • Chapter III: Responsibility for Acts of the Producer
  • Chapter IV: Personal Liability of Officers and Directors of BGAs
  • Chapter V: Control of your Business
  • Chapter VI: Commission Structure
  • Chapter VII: Cancellation Clauses
  • Chapter VIII: Use of the Carrier Website
  • Chapter IX: Negotiating Carrier Contracts
  • Chapter X: Conclusion

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The BGA Contracts Manual does not constitute legal advice. The law governing interpretation of contracts and insurance regulations will vary from state to state. You should always consult with legal counsel with specific legal questions relating to your particular situation before signing any contracts.