5 Proven Ways to Reach Stuck Consumers

There are close to 19 million “stuck shoppers” in the U.S. who understand the need for life insurance but don’t have an individual policy. Many of these consumers may be lost in the sea of insurance information without knowing which way to go. 

To assist consumers, LIMRA Research and Life Happens have assembled five proven ways to reach consumers: 

  1. Speak Plain Language, Dropping the Jargon – A majority of consumers say they don’t understand frequently-used terms regarding life insurance, such as annuity, whole life insurance, or underwriting. 

  2. Beware the “Quick & Easy” Message – People associate quick and easy with drive-thru dining, not life insurance. Messages that emphasize ease of purchasing may lead consumers to view life insurance as less expensive but also less desirable.  

  3. People Want to be Treated as Individuals but are Swayed by Their Peers – Though they will not admit it when asked directly, consumers respond positively when they hear that people like themselves own life insurance.  

  4. Listen First, Then Educate – Consumers look to professionals to learn about life insurance, but first they want to be heard. Nearly 8 in 10 say listening and educating are “extremely important” characteristics they want in their financial professionals.  

  5. Tailor Your Message – Consumers’ life insurance needs come in all shapes and sizes. Tailor your message so that it fits each individual’s situation. People want a customized experience that aligns with their financial goals rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.  


Content from Get Real Already: Authenticating Industry Language, LIMRA 2015 and The Mysteries of Life: Life Insurance Ownership and Behavioral Economics, LIMRA 2016