5 Essentials for Raising Annuity Business

As a trainer of financial advisors and insurance professionals, I speak on the essential actions necessary for growing annuity business. Having been an advisor myself, I learned that there are five essentials in the business:

  1. Gain & maintain client trust – developing trust requires positioning yourself in an educational role with the client. Providing the information and a variety of products to make good decisions.
  2. Don’t tell them, show them – ask questions to better understand the client’s needs and then utilize the internet services and software now available to show them product choices and related benefits of those choices. 
  3. Be transparent – don't push specific products, or just share brochures from one or two offerings. Again, the technology is out there that can aggregate information on a variety of products so that clients can participate in the decision-making process based on their needs and goals.
  4. Compliancy-friendly – obviously, compliancy is important. By highlighting your work and materials being compliance-approved, you immediately demonstrate a strong sense of integrity and business ethics, establishing a trusting client relationship.
  5. Differentiate yourself – with so many others in your marketplace selling financial services and insurance products, find ways to stand out from the pack. This can be done by specializing in helping certain niche demographics as Millennials, Foreign Nationals, or High Net-worth accounts, or a specific ethnic group.


David NovakDavid Novak, Director of Agatha Global Tech is known as a powerhouse global speaker and educator, specializing in such topics as annuities and guaranteed retirement income. Having been a licensed broker, money manager, trader, trainer and global speaker for almost two decades, David works with advisors and brokerage agencies to grow their annuities businesses and create efficiencies through technology.  Contact David at: [email protected]