Independent Doesn't Mean Working Alone.
We are the Voice of Independent Brokerage Distribution!

The National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies, better known across the industry as NAILBA, is the premier trade association promoting financial security and consumer choice in the insurance and financial services marketplace through independent, wholesale brokerage distribution channels. NAILBA advocates for America’s life, health, annuity, and other supplemental insurance distributors, and its membership includes more than 300 independent brokerage agencies who produce over $20 billion in annualized premiums.

Professional Development, Administrative Discounts, Industry Advocacy and Complimentary Access to NAILBA's Annual Meeting.

NAILBA members receive exclusive discounts to administrative and office support services and products, webinars, professional development opportunities and access to the official annual convention for independent brokers and brokerage general agencies. Join our 300-plus member brokerage agencies and over 400,000 producers nationwide. Learn the value of a NAILBA membership HERE

The NAILBA Certified Case Manager Program

The NAILBA Certified Case Manager (NCCM) credential is the marker of a committed case management professional who has demonstrated the wide range of knowledge essential to managing life insurance cases in today’s challenging insurance environment. The NCCM credential does more than advance individual careers: It empowers entire organizations in building and cultivating a “NCCM culture.” The program places a value on professional development for life insurance case managers and encourages staff to pursue the certification. When advisors or clients choose a brokerage agency and/or carrier to engage with, participants can discuss the process with confidence knowing their front line personnel are NAILBA certified. 


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